Monday, August 24, 2009

To be......or what?

So it has been another week, and I am trying really hard to write every week. I have noticed that this week FLEW by. It was very refreshing, as the first week of school was going at a caterpillar's pace. I lost another 4 lbs, and feeling great. I started taking a B-12 supplement everyday, and it really is making a difference in my energy. Jan and I went to see Julie and Julia again, and I laughed even harder this time. ...gosh, I think that I just realized that I am a really boring blog. I need to have a better life, or choose something to ramble on and and on about.

School is in it's 3rd week, and this week we are auditioning the Shakespeare Competition team. It's like the school football team, and the kids are really excited. Jan and I are Nazi's when it comes the quality, and we take a lot of pride in having a strong team. This year we want to do something really amazing and new. Jan has taken like 17 teams to the competition, and after so many years, you can't do what you have done before...need to be challenged. I guess we will see who we get this year. There are a lot of new students at Tuacahn this year, so I am thrilled to have some new blood to refresh and renew the program.

As far as inspirational thoughts, here is my thought for the week:

We need to teach this new generation of artists that this is not about being rich and famous. It's about being happy and satisfied with being artists.

Thanks Mr.Miller!

Much love and happy vibes from ALH this week.


heidikins said...

Your blog cannot be classified as "boring" if you have a zebra background. Just sayin'. ;o)


Kate Daly said...

Nazi's about Shakespeare team? yeah, I've been there before ;) much love xoxo
your child, kate daly

Tiffani said...

Amen to the inspiration thought! Sometimes I have to remind myself of that too!