Monday, August 24, 2009

To be......or what?

So it has been another week, and I am trying really hard to write every week. I have noticed that this week FLEW by. It was very refreshing, as the first week of school was going at a caterpillar's pace. I lost another 4 lbs, and feeling great. I started taking a B-12 supplement everyday, and it really is making a difference in my energy. Jan and I went to see Julie and Julia again, and I laughed even harder this time. ...gosh, I think that I just realized that I am a really boring blog. I need to have a better life, or choose something to ramble on and and on about.

School is in it's 3rd week, and this week we are auditioning the Shakespeare Competition team. It's like the school football team, and the kids are really excited. Jan and I are Nazi's when it comes the quality, and we take a lot of pride in having a strong team. This year we want to do something really amazing and new. Jan has taken like 17 teams to the competition, and after so many years, you can't do what you have done before...need to be challenged. I guess we will see who we get this year. There are a lot of new students at Tuacahn this year, so I am thrilled to have some new blood to refresh and renew the program.

As far as inspirational thoughts, here is my thought for the week:

We need to teach this new generation of artists that this is not about being rich and famous. It's about being happy and satisfied with being artists.

Thanks Mr.Miller!

Much love and happy vibes from ALH this week.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Learning from the best

Another week has passed, and I am trying desperately to write something new and exciting. School officially entered it's 2ND week today, and I am feeling the pressure. I love teaching, and I am really finding my groove. It helps that I have the most incredible mentor in my wife. She has been teaching drama for over 19 years, and I think that she is an inspiration to anyone who knows anything about teaching....especially drama. It's hard to work in her shadow sometimes, but she is so kind and loving that she shares her wealth of knowledge and experience with me daily. As I get my own style, and as I grow as a teacher, it's really challenging to not just do the same thing over and over again. I want to be the inspirational teacher that students really remember, and today, I am feeling that pressure. I have 6 FULL drama classes, and then my wife teaches 2 big musical theatre classes and 2 HUGE technical theatre classes. I try to just stay ahead of them for a few minutes, and ALREADY I am feeling behind. I need to just keep telling myself that I need to calm down, and take it easy.

OH, and I have lost another 10 pounds this week, (which brings me to 63 pounds in 11 weeks) and I will have a big 3 month party celebration with photos and journal writing.....

I guess this is where I need to say something thoughtful and inspirational..........



Remember the Alamo???

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A brand new ME!

So. It's been a while since I had a real chance to blog. It's been an AMAZING summer. Let me tell what has happened this summer and give you a chance to catch up on my life....for those who are interested.

The summer started off really fun. I got to direct a play at the local college comedy festival, and was able to cast my wife in the show. It was a BLAST. Not only did I get to see my wife have a great time, but I also used my very first drama teacher, and it was so rewarding. As soon as that show opened, I was off to Lincoln, Nebraska to the International Thespian Society convention. It was the first time that I was there, and I was really nervous and excited. My school won one of the "Outstanding School" awards, and I was there just to accept the award. Within the week, I had realized what an amazing conference this was, and was sad to find out that I was the only delegate from Utah. I asked around, and was led to an amazing lady who told me to come the regional dinner, and I could meet other leaders from my area. Next thing I know, I am being introduced as the new Chapter Director of Utah! Although it sounds great, and I was happy to step up and get the ball rolling in my state....I am totally overwhelmed by this.

I came home just in time to help my wife with the 5th annual Summer Theatre Institute that was hosting 40 students from all over to produce "High School Musical 2" onstage. It was incredible to see a group of artists that really didn't like the material making it work. The show was HOT!! I know that the script and story leave a lot to be desired, it was a great show, and we were really proud of it. As SOON as that show opened, I was off to Vegas for a leadership training for EdTA and Thespians. WHEW!

I came home for 1 whole day, and was off again to take the Student Council (of which I am the new faculty advisor) to in service. 3 days later I was teaching 5-15 year old kiddies for two FULL weeks, as well as extension classes and workshops.

Overall, I had about 3 days off, and what did I do with them? See Plays......I think that I am a BIT obsessed. :)

The most exciting part of the summer has been my new hobby. Working out. I have an AMAZING parent that is starting a business for the new "Biggest Loser" fad, and is using me to get others excited. I am on a meal plan, and workout first it SUCKED, and I tried so hard to be good, and now I am really getting addicted to that post work-out "accomplished" feeling. It has been 10 weeks today, and I have lost 53 pounds. I feel great, and have passion for life again.

All in all, I had the world's worst spring, but this summer has been the real re-birth of Andrew Lloyd Hunsaker. I have deleted all the previous posts on my blog....I want to start anew and with a positive vibe here.

To quote from my favorite cheesy musical:

" I am so much better....than before!"

Thanks for all of your love and support and words of encouragement. If it means anything, all of your thoughts and prayers have saved my life this season. I can be better tomorrow than I was today.